General Information

Calendars and Desk Pads

General Specifications – CALENDARS
Calendars are priced with one imprint, the same on each sheet, per order. If alternating ad copy is required call for a quote.

Prices are for calendars running 12 months, January through December of any year.

Calendar designs shown are standard ModernLine created designs. For special custom calendar date space design, contact customer service for a price.

All Multi-Sheet calendars are priced in pull-string wrappers.

Copy will be followed and set up in a suitable format. If exact specifications are required, it is recommended that electronic files be supplied.

paper – White bond-like paper is standard for multi-sheet
calendars. Other special calendars will be printed on stock paper specified for that style.

ink – Each calendar style has its own specific color arrangement. For price for change in color arrangement, see general options pricing below.

300 Bid-Master, #20, #21, #1100 – Imprint CANNOT bleed off page.

General Options Pricing – Calendars (E)

Paper Proof - $30 each
A proof must be requested, one will not be automatically sent.

No art/setup charge if digital artwork is supplied.

Art and Copy Preparation to create or fix artwork is an hourly charge.

Color Change in Heading Only (23 standard colors) - $65 per color

Color Change for Entire Calendar (23 standard colors)
(minimum) 250 to 499 units - $322 per order; 500 to 999 units - $226 per order; 1,000 or more units (minimum for #300 BMCC) - $65 per order

Special Ink Match - $40 per color
Thirteenth Month (December of Previous Year) - add 3% to base price
Additional Month  - add 8% to base price
Reverse Heading - .036 each
Reverse Heading (Bid-Master) - .053 each
Ruled Memo Spaces (Available on #35, #100, #200)
Minimum Quantity of 200 - $100 lot
Julian Dates (Available on  #30, #100, #200, #279)  
Minimum Quantity of 200 - $190 lot
Printed Wrapper Available - Call for Quote
Drop Shipments - $11 each location
Tubes 2"x24" - $.57 each
Calendars Inserted in tubes - $.76 each
Tubes 2"x29" for #1501 - $.71
Calendars Inserted in tubes  - $.90
Year at a glance, 2nd year printed on back, same imprint - $1.14
general deduction (E)
For Unwrapped Calendars deduct - $.04 each

General Specifications – DESK PADS
Desk pads, both deluxe and calendar are 22"x17" in size.

paper – Desk pad calendars are printed on 70lb. high bright offset paper.

ink – Desk pad calendars are priced with stock color options. Your choice of one of 23 standard PMS colors, shown on inside back cover, may be used for imprint color at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Additional colors or change to stock pad colors will result in additional charges.

corners – You have a choice of 4 leatherette colors (standard). 5 vinyl corner colors also available if desired. Please specify.

general options pricing – desk pad calendars(E)
Paper Proof  - $30 each
A proof must be requested, one will not be automatically sent.

Special Ink Match  - $40 per color
Punch 2 holes at top 5/16" - 71/4" center to center  - $.10 each
Drop Shipments - $11 each location
Pads Inserted in Mailing Carton - $1.75 each
Thirteenth Month (December of Previous Year) - add 3% to base price
Additional Month - add 8% to base price
Date Box Customization - Price Quote
No art/setup charge if digital artwork is supplied.
Art and Copy Preparation to create or fix artwork is an hourly charge

For the specifications and general options on any of our products, please see specific product page.

acceptance – All orders must be in writing and are subject to terms, conditions, and prices contained in this catalog. Production cannot begin on verbal orders.

acknowledgements – We will acknowledge all orders with complete information. This becomes our production work order. Be sure to check for total conformity to your order instructions.
early order pricing – Early order pricing is noted on the dated products price lists. To qualify for early order pricing art and copy must be received by 6/30/18. If received after this date the later date pricing will apply.

cancellation – Orders may not be canceled except by mutual consent. Payment is required for the completed portion of work in process.

Order Instructions should include quantity, product code, description and/or material specifications, imprint copy, shipping/drop ship info. Exact repeat orders should include sample of item and previous order number. We must have your purchase order before an order can be put into production.

quantities – Orders not accepted for less than minimum quantity shown in catalog. We deliver quantities close to the amount ordered; however, we reserve the right to ship and bill 5% over or under. EXACT QUANTITIES SHIPPED, NO OVERS (if requested) — ADD UPCHARGE OF 5%.

shipping and delivery schedules – We ship via the best way, prepaid, added to invoice. Inside delivery must be specified on purchase order. Any residential addresses must be specified as such. Otherwise there will be back charges from UPS for which we will inturn bill your account. We do not use your shipping labels. Instead, computer generated labels are showing distributor’s name and address as shipper.

Delivery dates are not guaranteed and are approximate. We strive to deliver as close to requested dates as possible. However, production time is affected by an influx of orders in the latter part of the year. Early placement of orders is therefore recommended. For custom calendars and specialties with layouts that require design, artwork, and proofs, allow 10 to 12 weeks. We suggest that all custom orders be ready for printing no later than September 1, with all approvals complete. It is helpful to have all calendar requests for special designs, artwork, and proofs before August 1 if delivery is to be met.

Orders will be processed in order of acceptance and estimated ship dates given. Special circumstances requiring a specific delivery date or any concern or questions on your order's ship date, please contact customer service.

artwork – The highest printing quality achievable is from your digital files reproduced on ModernLine’s output devices. There is no charge for this service if the digital files are submitted per the requirements and specifications listed in this catalog.

If digital files are not submitted, order will be subject to a copy preparation charge. Exact art charges will be specified on our acknowledgement.

proofs – Types of proofs available:
PDF: for viewing on computer monitor only
Digital Color Proof: computer ink jet printed. Color is not exact. Ink swatches are provided.
A proof must be requested, one will not be automatically sent.
PDF email proof – First Proof Free   
Color Paper Proof
1st proof - $20(E) or $30(E)
(allow 3-5 working days after camera ready art is received)

2nd proof - $7.50(E) or $22(E)
(allow 3 working days after revised art is received)

3rd proof - $20(E) or $27(E)
(allow 3 working days after revised art is received)

Proof return is based on receiving camera ready art. If camera ready art - in accordance to our digital guidelines - is not received, extra time is allotted for corrections and extra art charges are incurred.

We recommend that a proof be submitted for approval on all new orders and repeat orders with significant changes. Multiple proofs may be required on calendars that have heading copy changes or special imprinted date space copy. Proofs are sent 1st class unless special service is required, in which case the overnight service will be billed at cost.
•The signed proof must be returned before final production can begin.
A proof must be requested, one will not be automatically sent.

Union Label – available upon request. ModernLine is a union based printing shop. Our union logo is available for placement on most of our products if requested. Please call for a quote and minimums.

conditions of sale – The manufacturer shall not be liable for any damages, either proximate or remote, arising in any way from their failure to make or delay in making delivery because of the inability to obtain paper in the amounts and grades specified herein. Within a reasonable time after receiving knowledge of any condition referred to above, the manufacturer shall give notice to the customer of such condition.
Upon the agreement of both the manufacturer and the customer in writing, changes may be made in delivery schedules, specifications as to quantities, specifications as to paper, or any other matters affected by the conditions referred to above. All prices are F.O.B. Factory located in Pennsylvania. Unless given complete instructions, shipments from factory will be completed via the best method as determined by available data.

DISCLAIMER: The logos seen in our catalog and on our website are not to be presumed an endorsement of our products. They are examples of the work we can do and have done since 1931. The products are not offered for sale with any firm or organization’s logo except with their express authorization and permission.

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