Digital Art Guidelines and Charges

Art/Copy Preparation – There is no charge when art is created and supplied per product specification and our digital specifications. (As written below.) Any additional touch up will be charged a minimum amount. You will be notified of additional charges.

Any Touch Up  (minimum amount charge)...$36(E)  (Includes color correction, size correction, type setting, and corrections after proof has been seen/or authors corrections.)
Hourly Rate...$65(E) (Charged on any touch up, scan, or redraw over 30 minutes.)

If guidelines are followed below NO CHARGE WILL BE ADDED.

ModernLine Technology is Macintosh based.

Acceptable Art:
Templates are available on our website and by request.

Vector based art is the preferred format for all artwork. It is based on points, paths, and lines and is easily scaled without reducing image quality. Files created from vector based programs must be saved as an EPS (Encapsulated Post script) or an editable PDF. All text must be converted to outlines or curves before saving. This will prevent any missing font issues. All placed images in the document must be embedded or sent separately to sustain the link.

Raster art is created using pixel information. This type of image is used most often for photos. It is resolution dependent and cannot be increased from original size without reducing quality. Acceptable raster art is created as 300dpi at final dimension of imprint size and saved as a TIFF. Rasterized based text should be 900-1200dpi. Color should be same as final color as CMYK, grayscale, pms spot color, or duotone pms spot color. RGB and low resolution web based images are unacceptable. *Vector art is preferred for silk screening and pad printing.

Accepted Media Formats
Art is accepted by CD, DVD, E-mail or Dropbox. Our e-mail address is
When emailing artwork please compress your file. This not only helps in reducing the file size but also against the chance of file corruption.
Scanned Artwork - We recommend sharp photos and clean line drawings for best reproduction. Business cards, letterheads, photocopies, faxes and low resolution website printouts are not acceptable. All scanned art is charged the minimum hourly rate of $64(E).


Unacceptable file types - These file types are not considered camera ready. You will be notified to resend the file in an acceptable format and your order will be delayed until new art is received.
Native Corel Draw (CDR)
Low Resolution JPEG (JPG)
Text Files (TXT)
Microsoft Office Files (DOC, XLS, PPT, etc.)

If a new file cannot be provided you will be charged an art fee for resetting. Other file types that are not mentioned may not be compatible with our programs. If you are unsure of the file type and are unable to send in art according to our guidelines, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We recommend providing a PDF to compare to your art file. We are not responsible for conversion errors and will notify you of any discrepancies between the art and the PDF provided.

Desk pads, calendars, notebooks and scratch pads all come with a wide variety of options for customization.
The following guidelines have been established to enable you to provide us with the proper information required to prepare a price quotation and/or spec. sample on a custom calendar:

quantity — Calendars printed 2 or more colors and/or calendars requiring custom pad formats - 500 minimum. All other products see product page or contact customer service.

format — Select from a stock product for customization –  advising on imprint colors. Or submit your specifications in writing and/or a previous or random sample for our review.

artwork — Advise on artwork that will be supplied and on any in house preparation that will be needed. See the artwork guidelines section for artwork requirements.

paper stock — Advise quality of paper stock required - coated or uncoated and the finish, smooth or embossed.
Note: When using uncoated paper stock for custom calendar, we recommend 60-lb. or 70-lb. Offset.

cover material — Poly and vinyl products each have separate color choices for material as well as for foil stamping and screen printing. Please see inside back cover or individual product page for choices available.

finishing requirements — Wrappers, envelopes or tubes.

proofs — Either PDF or color proofs are available. It is helpful to have all calendar requests for special designs, artwork and proofs before August 1. For year-end delivery, we suggest that all custom orders be ready for printing (with all approvals complete) no later than September 1.

A thirteenth sheet can be added to desk pads and 12 sheet calendars. Add 3% to base price.

Customer’s logo or custom copy can be shadow or "phantom" printed over the calendar pad or desk pad area, one color, at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Phantom printing on memo books, note books, and composition books is also available as a custom order. (Please see product page for specification on size and pricing.)

Mark that special company anniversary, remind clients of convention days or days closed. Custom date space copy printed in date blocks is quoted upon request.

Many of our products are available with stock colors and your choice of 23 standard PMS colors at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Special ink matching, additional colors, stock color change and 4 color process is available on most products. Additional costs will apply.

Daily date spaces on memo style calendars and desk pads can be faint line ruled for an additional charge. Please check for minimum quantities.

A great addition for a product in an office. Julian dates are available on many of our dated products. Contact us for product availability and extra charges.

Most products in our catalog can be customized. The ideas and options suggested here may not be available for each individual product. Please see the product page for availability of customizing options and charges. (Extra charges may apply for in house art preparation, proof, etc.)

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